Kili Trips TZ Booking Conditions

Kili Trips TZ creates custom itineraries and offers a variety of accommodation options. We can cater to a wide variety of budgets and can offer some amazing additions to your itinerary. Kili Trips TZ is proud of the reputation that we have earned and pride ourselves on our service that we offer. Therefore, we guarantee that we will not be the cheapest tour operated found. There are too many companies that are willing to compromise quality to offer a lower price. We find some of these shortcuts outright dangerous, using second rate equipment and inexperienced guides. At times some of these shortcuts are made by paying substandard wages to workers or not equipping or feeding the support staff adequately. We refuse to do this. Kili Trips TZ however, will not be among the most expensive either. We are locally owned and none of our income goes to support offices or workers outside of Tanzania. We do promise to offer a great value at a fair price.

The process of booking a trip is as follows:

  • You contact us with your rough outline of what you would like to do
  • We promptly respond with some suggestions and options for accommodations
  • You respond and through our dialog, we create an acceptable itinerary within your budget
  • We then send you the proposal and a formal price quote
  • If you do find a need to make alterations, you make a deposit to secure the trip dates
  • We then secure the accommodations and confirm with you. If the accommodations are not available, we come back to you with alternative plans
  • The full payment schedule will be gone over with you during the planning stages along with accepted payment methods
  • As your trip approaches, we will continue to be in contact offering packing and preparation suggestions and to answer any questions