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Kili Trips TZ is committed as a company to offer the best adventure tours available in Tanzania at the fairest price possible without sacrificing, quality, safety, the environment while treating the local work force who depend on us for their family needs in a fair and ethical manner. We welcome you to explore our website. What we have outlined is what the majority of our visitors are interested in but we are by no means limited to only what we have included. Feel free to contact us to answer any of your questions or discuss other options.

Kilimanjaro Routes

Climb to the Rooftop of Africa, the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, that is standing proud at the 5895m above the sea level. Our experienced and highly skilled team will ensure that you reach the very top – Uhuru Peak.

Our Trekking Routes

Wildlife Safaris

With 16 national parks and several wildlife and marine reserves, we would like to offer you the opportunity to experience the encounter with all the different species of mammals, birds and reptiles that call Tanzania their home.

Our Safari Itineraries

Cultural Tours

Tanzania is a home to 120 different tribes, with all their cultural diversities, but it is also a birthplace of our human race as we know it. Let us show you vast cultural treasures of our country.

Our Cultural Tours